About Us

We started PlatformManager in 2014 after we experienced in various BI projects that something is missing when working with development teams. Initially we started with version management, but it soon turned out that the controlled rollout of the application is also very important.

The testing of changes also turns out to be extensive because the tester has no idea how a change request is implemented. Has the data changed or just the visuals? And what visuals, what am I actually looking at? We have started to make a difference analysis so that changes are at least transparent.

Ultimately, our goal is to enable the user to spend as much time as possible analyzing the data and making decisions based on that data. Everything PlatformManager does is in this spirit. Unburdening with the focus on the End User.

In 2020 we moved to a larger office where we can work together even better. Our 4 consultation rooms enable us to serve multiple customers at the same time. Moreover, we can continue to grow here and work on our ambitions.

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