Control Your Qlik Apps

Do you recognize this?
On a daily basis, managers drop several change requests, for different Qlik apps, in your inbox.
  • The deadline is “yesterday”!
  • Deployment takes too long.
  • Only one developer can work on the app.
  • Dashboard in production show errors.
  • Presented data appears to be out-of-date.
Stress and the pressure on your shoulders is rising instantly.
Your organization needs quick and well-developed and deployed Qlik apps in order to make important business decisions.And you as a BI Manager or any other role in your company, are responsible for delivering these apps in time, with correct data. 

So, what do you really need?  FULL CONTROL over your Qlik assets!

Check out this video below and click here to get a FREE TRIAL NOW!

What if…?

Your developer knows exactly which extensions and QVD’s your organization is using in each and every app?

How much time and money would that save your organization?
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