Easy Deployment for Qlik

You are finished with developing your app and everything is ready to move to production, but now?! Export, import again. Are you sure that everything is correct? Do you know what the dependencies are? Are there no conflicts between the different applications? And what about Extensions, Reload tasks?

How much time do you need for the deployment process?

The deployment to your Qlik production environment is unfortunately not so simple. This process takes a lot of time and energy from your developers. Often you have to download the files, move them to the other server and upload them again. This process is very error-prone. Because who gives you the guarantee that the app that you are uploading is the same version as the one you downloaded earlier? And how does the app get the right data? Do you have to change the data connections of the script in the production server? And how do you know which extensions and QVD’s are being used? Are they already in production or do you have to take them as well? Is there a reload task available? In short, this process is very error-prone and can have some bad consequences. Maybe the app can’t be reloaded, it contains errors or you are using an old visualization that no longer works, inconsistency between app’s, missing QVD’s. As a developer how can you save your end-users for these issues?
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