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Would you like to experience how PlatformManager reduces your App LifeCycle cost?

As a BI Manager you are responsible for the BI app development & deployment.
So what if you can save your organization 70% time and cost, especially during those challenging times?

Our PlatformManager Application LifeCycle tool can do that for you:


Application Lifecycle Management


  • Manage BI App request easily in a clear Check-in & Check-out Controlled Environment.
  • Let your team of developers Collaborate and work, in a structured way.
  • Keep Track of all changes and activities so you can stay in control as Manager and always trace back fast.
  • Save time with full reload functionality, so deployment time is reduced significantly

Find out how our customers like: Honda, Schindler Elevator and ACTION benefit?

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Qlik App Developer?

Are you a Qlik App Developer and are you interested in how PlatformManager supports you in your daily activities?

1.  About how our Check-in and Check-out works.

2. That you really need to Track Changes and why?

3. How having the Reload functionality helps you on a daily basis.

4. What our recent new feature The Schedular provides.

5. That Version Control is essential for your business.


So, what do you really need?  FULL CONTROL over your Qlik assets!

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