Faster, Faster! – Cutting Down Testing Time

In an environment where more than a handful of apps are in production, none of your testers know what code your developers have touched. At the same time, business users breathe down the necks of the IT team to get what they need on their desktops today. So how can you test faster and still deliver high-quality apps? Testing is a critical part of app development, but because it’s the last big step before the user gets the app, it tends to be more of a sticking point than other areas. As far as the business user understands, the app is totally ready, but it’s stuck in a holding pattern which stops them from using it. To help with this type of frustration, you need to make testing quicker. Here’s how. Testing, Testing The problem with testing is that it gets repetitive. Testers will often have to keep testing the same apps for as long as they’re in use, which for many businesses is going to be years. Looking at the same code over and over again tends to dull the senses to change. Becoming more familiar with particular programs makes testers more comfortable  –because they think they know it

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Help, My Best Developer Is Leaving!

It’s terrifying when your best developer decides they want to move on. You rely on them so much that you don’t even think about what they’re responsible for half the time – they just get it done. But, that leaves you with a big hole to fill, both in terms of knowledge and time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your whole development team as good as your star player? It’s a horrible feeling when your best developer slides their notice across the desk, or even worse in the modern age, when you receive a resignation email. The anxiety of how your team will handle ongoing work and larger projects builds pretty quickly the moment you know you’re losing a great resource. Unfortunately, when they do go, it’s also likely to shine a light on things that aren’t quite up to scratch. A Big Hit Let’s say you’ve got a team of 12 and within that group, you’ve got a long-standing developer who knows everything. That could include what extensions you use, where the database files are, QBD processes, how to put something into production – you know the person we’re talking about. Your star player. The person

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So That’s Where The Time Went!

It’s been a seriously busy year, right? We’re still not sure where the time had gone, so we had a quick look back at the past twelve months and realized we’d accomplished rather a lot. Today, hopefully, to encourage you to review 2022 in your own life, we’re running through all the highlights, as well as the view ahead for PlatformManager in 2023. It’s very cliche, but it really does feel like the start of 2022 was yesterday, when in reality, it’s been a very busy year at PlatformManager. We’ve accomplished so much in the past twelve months. We’re guessing because it was so busy it turned the whole year into a blur, so it’s nice to sit down and put all our achievements on paper. “2023 will see us continue our efforts in developing our global partner community and investing in our customers and the Cloud solutions they need!”   Jeroen Gerritsen, Managing Director, PlatformManager Month To Month We kicked off the year 2022 with a visit in January to our partner Evaco in Duisburg for a sales kick-off event. For the second time in a row, our Global Partner Award 2022 has been won by EVACO due to

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How To Make Development Compliance Easier

Breaches in data warehouses and the theft of customer information is a serious concern for businesses in 2022. Compliance isn’t the most exciting thing, but it’s certainly critical, and making sure it’s covered keeps execs up at night. It’s nice to be needed, and even nicer to be wanted. When it comes to compliance, PlatformManager is recommended by data security and compliance consultants because of how much coverage it gives development teams. Along with a host of other benefits that get BI developers excited, our solution is also a great support when it comes to keeping everything above board. Don’t believe us? Check this out. Do You Have Everything Under Control? Compliance, governance, and regulations are so important that business leaders, CEOs, and MDs, face jail time and unlimited fines if serious breaches are discovered. It’s no wonder they take it seriously. If an auditor knocked on your door today and asked you to demonstrate control, could you? Auditors have strict rules to follow when they enter a business and carry out an investigation. But, what usually tips them off to things not being looked after properly is a lack of obvious control. You need to know where the information

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The True Cost of Delays In Deployment

Is there anything worse than finding out something isn’t going to arrive when you thought it would? Well, after the disappointment has faded you quickly realize that it costs a lot more than just your good mood. Seems sensible that we should all be aiming for fewer delays, but how do we achieve that? Cutting the delays involved in deploying apps is an obvious goal that lead developers and app managers aim for. But often there is greater focus on just processes rather than the tools those processes run on. It’s all well and good clearly outlining responsibilities and SLAs, but if the tools that help achieve those things aren’t up to scratch, those goals will stay out of reach. From A To Z And Back Again Let’s set the scene, you’re working in a business with hundreds or thousands of apps, a full team of in-house developers, and offshore development capacity that your team taps into as necessary. It’s fair to say that in this situation there are so many moving parts involved in your app portfolio they can’t possibly be managed by one person. Well, we’ve worked with multinationals where a single FTE has actually been responsible for

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GIT Is Great – But So Are We

GIT is the most used version control system in the world, it’s been around for decades. A lot of potential customers we speak to use GIT as a corporate standard, and it’s always difficult to get across that we aren’t competing with GIT, but that we can just help businesses in ways that it just can’t. Look, we’ll show you. It’s an easy comparison to make, we understand that. GIT manages some of the key things that PlatformManager also takes care of, the difference is – it’s not purpose-built for Qlik or the business environments that Qlik is deployed in. GIT isn’t going anywhere, but we are growing because our solution does things it can’t, and those things are the keys for your business to unlock true control over app development, testing, and deployment. GIT Isn’t Always The Best Answer We’re writing this having had far too many meetings with prospective clients who can’t get over the fact that GIT does some of what PlatformManager does. It’s a common roadblock that we have to overcome, and we’ve figured out the easiest way to explain it. GIT is a very professional solution, but it focuses on a different audience than us.

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How Can A CEO Trust A Dashboard?

A CEO bases their decisions on data. They do that because they’ve learned how important it is to make decisions around insight. Some of these decisions have massive implications on the short and long-term success of a business, so it’s an understatement to say that data is important. So how can CEOs trust what they see on screen? There are many reasons that people come to distrust what they see in an app. Whether it’s inconsistencies in presentation, or old data still being delivered, people responsible for building BI applications need to know how to deliver up-to-date, accurate data, in the way their business users need – particularly if it’s the CEO. But what’s stopping them from doing that already, and how can they overcome these roadblocks? What CEOs Need To See There are two components that determine the quality of analysis – data and the overall quality of the app. Firstly, the output of any app is going to be built on data. The end product can have a perfect UX, but if the data isn’t up to standard, then the app won’t be as effective, or reliable, as it could be. There is a wide range of governance

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Giving A Helping Hand To BI Developers

BI developers are an often underappreciated bunch. They work to rapidly shifting business needs, tight deadlines, and often, with little appreciation. So wouldn’t it be great if you could make their lives easier? Well, luckily you can – just take a look at how PlatformManager helps. When we talk about our solution we often look at the direct business impacts. But the great thing about a tool that makes businesses better is that it often has a really positive effect on the people who use it. Doing the best for your developers and arming them with tools that make their job simpler, and their lives easier, can only lead to better work, so let’s show you how PlatformManager lends a helping hand. Managing Change Think, for a moment, of a team of developers, and we’re not talking about two people sitting across from each other at a desk, we’re talking about teams of five or more – particularly those who are working remotely. They might all be tasked with working on changes to the same app at the same time. This app is likely to be live for business users, so downtime stops other parts of the business from operating.

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Using Qlik: Great Oversight Is Vital

Keeping development projects running smoothly starts with being able to see what is going on. If you’ve got lots of developers involved in every stage of your app build then things can quickly get complicated – which is when great oversight really starts to shine. As you grow, you’re going to need more developers working on more apps, and so the complexity of your day-to-day Qlik development operation will increase rapidly. You need to be ready for this so that you know precisely what your people are doing. Trouble Tracking? Many companies these days outsource some, if not all, of their development. This is a great way to source talent as and when you need it; but it does come with some drawbacks. Being able to manage developers from across the world and get them to collaborate effectively with one another is a challenge you might be familiar with. Typically, companies don’t have a single solution to this problem. While development is often outsourced, deployment is almost always kept in-house because businesses want to retain control of the apps they deliver. Within that motivation to retain control is the key factor of security. Giving external developers access to a deployment

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