Webinar Global Product Update June, 7 & 8

More information and register here! About the event: Take the opportunity! In this free webinar from only 60 minutes you’re updated on our new product features, roadmap and other topics. Sounds like an hour well spend! This 1-hour update session will be organized in 3 different time slots so that most of you will be able to participate during working hours. Topics that will be discussed are: – What has been delivered in 2021? – Roadmap plans for 2022. – Our approach towards Qlik Sense SaaS. – PlatformManager Version 5. – Healthcheck and Update Service offering. – Customer Support Portal. More information and free registration: More information and register here!

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Sneak Peak new UI

The PlatformManager user interface is aimed at being able to quickly find and execute functions. The UI is also excellent for this and we even get positive feedback about the user-friendliness. In terms of look and feel there is room for improvement and we took on that challenge some time ago.  We engaged a specialized design agency to investigate what a good, user-friendly and modern interface should look like. After discussions with Partners and customers, this resulted in a design that we are very satisfied with and which has also been coordinated with various customers. The reactions are very positive and we now want to give you a sneak peek so that you know where PlatformManager’s design is headed.Figure 1 shows the navigation between modules and the folder structure. Figure 2 shows the columns settings for Development. You can now select the columns you want to see, put the columns in your order and define the width and sort order per columns. Want to make sure you keep track of the release and more? Be sure to check our website or follow us online! Twitter or LinkedIn

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Reference case: PIXUM – BI Application Lifecycle Management with PlatformManager

PIXUM Diginet in Germany has been a valued Customer using PlatformManager for QlikView and Qlik Sense since 2017. EVACO, our Solution provider in Germany, has done a great job and Pixum was able to use the software productively in around three weeks. According to Hendrik Gruβ, PlatformManager offers three major advantages for Pixum. On the one hand, PlatformManager ensures that several people do not further develop an application at the same time. “You can see directly who is currently working on an application.” In addition, the automated version management includes rollback functionality: “You can use it to publish new versions in the development and production area and have them tested and approved using a corresponding process, or if necessary, switch back to an old version. This allows you to provide more flexibility for developers, and setup a better control and management of approval to publish applications on your production servers. Furthermore, the system offers the possibility of analyses of different applications: “We can read and understand the load scripts outside of QlikView and QlikView Sense. For example, the number of fields and objects or loading routes can be displayed. When new developers arrive to the team, they have full transparency,

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RIC Consulting – South Africa

PlatformManager is extremely delighted to announce our strategic partnership with: RIC Consulting!  Established in 2000, RIC Consulting delivers Qlik solutions, specialist consulting and software support services across a broad- spectrum of industries. For more than two decades, the RIC team has helped customers tell the stories that live in their data. As a wholly client-centric organisation, they understand that every client is unique, with distinctive needs. RIC Consulting has offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Main focus: As a recognised leader in Business Intelligence in South Africa offering cutting-edge Qlik solutions and support. We are very excited to work closely together with this innovative company which has a strong focus with customers to offer “instant expertise”, ensuring they enjoy the full benefit of the platform and products they use. For more information about RIC Consulting check their website:

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Qlik Sense-SaaS-Support!

We see a growing interest for Qlik Sense SaaS within our Qlik Customer base. Especially Customers who would rather outsource their servers and the need for regular updates and upgrades. As we see Qlik Sense SaaS as an important platform we have now completed Phase 2 for apps in our approach to fully support Qlik Sense SaaS tenants.  We understand that Customer have the need to manage both the on-premise servers from a single solution and that is exactly what PlatformManager offers. (click picture to enlarge) We support different types of configurations. The only requirement now is that the Development environment runs on-premise; all other environments can either exist on-premise or in the cloud. This gives our customers the flexibility they need, for now and for the future. So, all publications are executed by PlatformManager providing Customer a complete overview of Development and Promotion, whether it’s on-premise or in the Qlik Sense SaaS cloud. Private clouds are already fully supported by PlatformManager for several years now. The final stage we are entering now is to enable customers to Develop in Qlik Sense SaaS. When this has been delivered Customers can have a complete DTAP setup in Qlik Sense SaaS. If

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Support for Qlik Sense SaaS – (hybrid) –

We have completed Phase 2 of our Qlik Sense SaaS support roadmap! Phase 1 was tested and released in 2021 and enables customers who work with Qlik Sense SaaS Hybrid to use PlatformManager. Synchronizing Qlik Sense SaaS tenants is fully executed by the Qlik Sense synchronization process. The downsize was that Customers did not have a single overview of all their Qlik servers. Phase 2 Has now been completed! PlatformManager can be used to manage an on-premise Development and Test environment combined with one or more Qlik Sense SaaS production tenants. The biggest advantage of this approach is that Customers have all Qlik Sense servers visible in the same PlatformManager implementation. They can version control all assets in Development and publish to test, acceptance and production in Qlik Sense SaaS or on-premise. (click picture to enlarge) So almost all configurations are now supported in PlatformManager. The Benefit for you is that your QS SaaS tenants are also controlled by and visible in PlatformManager. Features that we will provide are: Automated deployment to QS SaaS tenant of apps and Extensions with the option to change the owner of the app. Automatically changing the Data connections used in the Qlik Sense app

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Meet our new collegue Brenda

Hi! My name is Brenda, 36 years old and I have been working at PlatformManager since the beginning of February as an administrative assistant/office manager. I really enjoy organizing the administration and all the work surrounding it. I would like to tell you something about myself; I live with my partner and 2 children aged 5 and 2 in the center of Veenendaal. We live in a 1930s house that we are renovating together. Except for the attic, the renovation is completely finished, we hope to have completed the renovation before the end of the year. I also exercise twice a week and I like to watch a series on Netflix (Outlander, Snowpiecer, The Umbrella Academy etc). When I’m free, I like to drink a Caramel Macchiato at a local espresso bar and on weekends I can often be found in the woods or the pool. If you want to know more about me? Feel free to contact me 😀 Brenda  

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Job queue processing optimized

PM 4.5.3 Possibility to run more than one job at the same time Until version 4.5.3 PlatformManager executed all jobs (i.e., import, check-in, extraction, checkout, promote) sequentially. So, each job had to wait for another job to finish. While most jobs are processed swiftly, the job queue can grow when many jobs are requested in a short amount of time or when large time-consuming jobs like import, check-in and data extraction are added. The Job Queue mechanism is now optimized to run in parallel (whenever possible). This means that at the same time an extract job is running a check-in, import, checkout or promote can be done. Also import, check-in and extraction of items that use another BI Service can run at the same time. The maximum amount of parallel job can be configured to get the most out of your PlatformManager installation. This feature is most powerful for customers with multiple BI solutions (i.e., QlikView & Qlik Sense) managed by PlatformManager. For example: extraction of a QlikView application does not hinder any Qlik Sense jobs in the queue. It can almost double the job load capacity of PlatformManager, depending on the mix of job types in the queue. But

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Job View Enhanced

PM 4.5.5 A filter for a specific period is added to the JobView The JobView monitor shows all (re)scheduled, running, passed, cancelled and failed jobs. For instance, failed imports, successful promote, etc. Now it is possible to not only filter jobs based on status, but also on time period (i.e., last week). Monitoring your jobs becomes so much easier. You select the status and time period of the jobs to get an overview. This overview helps you to manage your job queue. When a job failed it is possible to rerun the job immediate or schedule it to be executed at a specific date and time. Already scheduled jobs can be canceled or rescheduled if so needed. This is great, for instance, if an import failed because of a missing extension. After importing the extension the import job can be re-run instead of going through the import wizard again.

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