They’re some of the headline platforms responsible for helping businesses do more than stumble through hybrid work. The likes of Teams and Zoom have played a fundamental part in the shift toward more remote work. But, why stop there? Sure they’re great ways to chat, meet, and share files – but what about collaborating on more in-depth work? 


Collaboration shouldn’t be limited to top-line interaction. In fact, it can actually supercharge your BI devs if done right.


The Gap In General Collaboration Apps

Teams might be great for sending quick messages or hopping on a video call, but that type of interaction isn’t how Qlik developers work together when building, deploying, or maintaining apps. Normally, they’re tasked with taking on specific technical challenges either in the code of apps themselves or the environments in which they’re built, tested, and rolled out. This technical work requires focus and a great deal of traceability. 


Devs aren’t out there sending each other blocks of code via Teams to let their team know what they’re up to, that’s just not efficient. The reality is that developers often tend to work on their own and the idea of live collaboration just isn’t really a thing – but it can be.

Why Your Dev Team Needs More

Tracking the changes that devs make is the first step to actually creating a collaborative development setup for Qlik, or any other platform for that matter. There’s a good chance that your developers work different hours, quite possibly across different time zones, so they’ll often start their day after another dev has finished theirs. That means they might not have a total understanding of what’s already been done. If you can track changes within development files, you can bridge these knowledge gaps without adding extra effort for your devs. Win, win.


Development work today is complex. Teams are juggling tons of data, rushing to meet deadlines, and trying to make sure they don’t break anything along the way. What they really need is a tool that’s made for them – a tool that helps them manage their work, whether it’s writing code, testing it, or getting it out the door.


This is where PlatformManager fits in perfectly. It’s THE collaboration tool for developers working with Qlik. When it comes to comparing two versions of your app to see what changed, PlatformManager has you covered. It lights up new code in green and marks what’s been removed in red, so you can see the changes at a glance and get up to speed with what your colleagues have done that much faster.


For teams working on BI and data analytics, real collaboration is about so much more than just talking. It’s about working together smoothly and efficiently, from the first line of code to the moment an app goes live. PlatformManager is the tool that can make that happen, saving time and stress for everyone involved while still guaranteeing quality and security.


If you’re looking to get your development team working smarter, not harder, it’s time to look beyond chat apps. PlatformManager offers the specialized help your team needs to tackle any BI challenge. Ready to see how it can work for you? Reach out to us today to find out.