Our Data Lineage feature enables you to investigate the usage of your QVD files by QlikView and Qlik Sense apps. The ability allows you to learn:

  • which apps are using a specific QVD file
  • which apps are storing a QVD file
  • what are the dependencies between QlikView and Qlik Sense apps
  • are we loading QVD’s from the location they are being stored?


Also, our Data lineage allows you to switch between apps and analyze the usage of Excel and Text files as well. The information we use to visualize this is extracted from your QlikView and Qlik Sense apps. This all works fully automated. No manual intervention is required.

We enable you to filter on different levels, making it easier to analyze your apps and QVD usage. In the Data Lineage you can navigate to other apps to show the lineage for that specific QlikView or Qlik Sense app.

Using our Global search, you can also search for specific QVD files if you don’t know where they are being used. This also helps you to discover if you’re loading the QVD files from the same location as where you store the QVD files. And, there’s no need to store your QVD files in PlatformManager!

If you want to experience how this works, ask for a personal demo or try the solution for a few days. We have lots of other interesting features for you!