We’re hitting the ground running in this new year! We’ve had plenty of time over the break to reflect on the exciting journey everyone at PlatformManager has been a part of these past twelve months, and it’s with great pride that we’re able to share news on the successful expansion of our global partner network.


Better Together

In the first half of 2023, we embarked on new partnerships that substantially broadened our reach and deepened our expertise. We’re thrilled to announce that we have signed new partner contracts with some of the most respected names in the IT services sector. Welcoming twoday in Norway, IQVIA in Belgium, and UpSociative in Chile, we strengthened our presence in key markets around the world as well as continued to build relationships with great people doing amazing work.

In the back half of last year, we formalized relationships with partners like Calyps in Switzerland and Harrer & Partner in Austria – further demonstrating our dedication to building a diverse and robust network. These partnerships aren’t just us signing some paperwork and calling it a day, they represent a mutual commitment to innovation and a shared vision for the future of IT services – something our whole partner network wants to be a part of improving.

Just look at this map of our partner network. We now have a presence on five continents which is pretty incredible. No plans yet to add number six but you never know which remote research facilities need better ways to manage BI apps, so never say never!

As we start to gain momentum in 2024, we’re poised to make these partnerships super successful, benefiting not only our partners and us but also the hundreds of thousands of end users that we collectively serve – many of whom don’t even know we exist! It’s a great feeling knowing that we’re a part of so many people’s everyday working lives – even if they never give us a second thought (!).

You’ll see more of those big-name customers come forward in the form of case studies this year as well so that we can shine a light on the positive impact PlatformManager can have on businesses. 

In the meantime, wherever you are and whatever your 2024 is looking like, we hope it’ll be a great one for you. We’re excited about the roadmap of our product, the work our people do, and the partners we get to support and drive the industry forward alongside. Here’s to a great year ahead.

Want to join our global partner network? Need a better way to manage your Qlik apps? 

Whatever the case, we’re here to help and ready to hear from you, so get in touch today by contacting our Partner & Alliance Manager Uco van der Weerd via our partner website.