PM 4.5.5 A filter for a specific period is added to the JobView

The JobView monitor shows all (re)scheduled, running, passed, cancelled and failed jobs. For instance, failed imports, successful promote, etc.

Now it is possible to not only filter jobs based on status, but also on time period (i.e., last week).

Monitoring your jobs becomes so much easier. You select the status and time period of the jobs to get an overview. This overview helps you to manage your job queue.

  • When a job failed it is possible to rerun the job immediate or schedule it to be executed at a specific date and time.
  • Already scheduled jobs can be canceled or rescheduled if so needed.

This is great, for instance, if an import failed because of a missing extension. After importing the extension the import job can be re-run instead of going through the import wizard again.