Live Webinar

On a regular bases you can attend one of our live Webinars to experience how our Life cycle Management solution can benefit your organization. The first Webinar is scheduled for October 8. Topics that are covered in these Webinars are:

  • What are the benefits of using Platform Manager
  • How do you know what Developers changed and what needs to be tested?
  • How can you identify dependencies and make sure they all are promoted together with your BI Dashboard or Report.
  • How can you determine the impact of a database, universe or QVD change?
  • A developer has left the Company and you need to take over. There was no time for knowledge transfer. How can you find out what changes he implemented and what still needs to be done?
  • We need to make sure that applications are tested before they are published to our Business Users. But how can we enforce this?
  • We develop applications for Customers and they also do their own development. Every couple of weeks after we delivered a new application it appears that the application is not functioning as expected. We know that somebody else changed our application but how can we visualize this and prove that we are not responsible for the issues?

The Webinars are in English and registration is required.

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