Support for Qlik Sense SaaS (hybrid)

We are now working on Phase 2 of our Qlik Sense SaaS support roadmap! Phase 1 was tested and released in 2021 and enables customers who work with Qlik Sense SaaS Hybrid to use PlatformManager. Synchronizing Qlik Sense SaaS tenants is fully executed by the Qlik Sense synchronization process. Phase 2means that PlatformManager will also synchronize your apps to the QS SaaS tenants. We believe this is a more integrated approach, offering you additional features and more control while promoting apps. The Benefit for you is that your QS SaaS tenants are also controlled by and visible in PlatformManager. Features that we will provide are: Automated deployment to QS SaaS tenant of apps and Extensions with the option to change the owner of the app. Automatically changing the Data connections used in the Qlik Sense app during the promotion to the QS SaaS tenant. Move the app to the required destination space. A reload can be fired after or during promotion. Phase 3will support a fully operational DTAP implementation running in QS SaaS. This works with a single tenant and with multiple tenants. Once our Phase 2 has been delivered Phase 3 will follow within 2-3 months. If you wish to

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Reload Qlik Sense app during promotion

We noticed that many customers are reloading their Qlik Sense apps in Development and moving them to production with data. The single purpose for most customers is that they want to prevent Business Users from seeing an empty app while the reload is running and taking more than 30 minutes or so. The disadvantages of this approach is that your production data needs to be available in Development and will stay in PlatformManager until the item is removed. That takes up a lot of disk space but is also inefficient since after some time the data is no longer relevant. This is why PlatformManager offers a reload during promotion. While we promote your app you can check the option to reload the app with the latest data using the data connections from the destination Qlik Sense server, mostly your production environment. We will only replace the current version after the reload has finished. So, your Business users will always have an app with data while you can still store the app without data or with a minimal test dataset.

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Import folders and files

When you are onboarding with PlatformManager we provide the option to import your entire folder structure. From Customer feedback we learned that they often would like to include the files as well. So, we have changed this feature to include files as well. This feature can also be used when onboarding a new team, project or department. Simply select the Import folders and files, show the preview and if you like what you see, start the import.

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Support for Qlik Sense SaaS

PlatformManager now officially supports Customers who have a Qlik Sense SaaS hybrid implementation. In our 3 stage support process, we have tested and completed phase 1. So if you have an on-premise Qlik Sense implementation with one or more Qlik Sense SaaS tenants, PlatformManager covers your Version Control and Deployment challenges. If you want to learn more, please contact our Sales team at [email protected]

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Official statement from PlatformManager on Vulnerability in Apache Log4j, reference CVE-2021-44228 (also referred to as Log4Shell)

PlatformManager is aware of the recently published security vulnerabilities in Apache Log4j, with references CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046. (also referred to as Log4Shell). When these vulnerabilities were published, PlatformManager immediately began to investigate if and how PlatformManager products would be impacted by this security risk. Here’s what we know right now: We confirmed NONE of the PlatformManager modules or Software builds contains the vulnerable components. There is no need for Customers to install a new build. All currently available PlatformManager builds have been tested and do not contain the vulnerable components. Patches will be made available if and when this is necessary. For now, there is no need to deliver a patch. If you have questions about this statement, please send them via email to [email protected]

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Data Lineage – View QVD Usage in Qlik Sense and QlikView

Our Data Lineage feature enables you to investigate the usage of your QVD files by QlikView and Qlik Sense apps. The ability allows you to learn: which apps are using a specific QVD file which apps are storing a QVD file what are the dependencies between QlikView and Qlik Sense apps are we loading QVD’s from the location they are being stored?   Also, our Data lineage allows you to switch between apps and analyze the usage of Excel and Text files as well. The information we use to visualize this is extracted from your QlikView and Qlik Sense apps. This all works fully automated. No manual intervention is required. We enable you to filter on different levels, making it easier to analyze your apps and QVD usage. In the Data Lineage you can navigate to other apps to show the lineage for that specific QlikView or Qlik Sense app. Using our Global search, you can also search for specific QVD files if you don’t know where they are being used. This also helps you to discover if you’re loading the QVD files from the same location as where you store the QVD files. And, there’s no need to store

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See you live at Qlik World 2022 in Denver Colorado!

See you (not) live at Qlik World 2022 in Denver Colorado! After 2 years without a physical Qlik World event, we were hoping to meet you again in Denver from May, 16 to 19. Unfortunately, this event has been canceled by Qlik. So what is your best shot to hear all the latest news? Subscribing to our newsletter is an option. Keeping your eyes on our website is another option. And you can use our chat function which will go live this week to contact us directly. We have a lot of news scheduled for you so stay tuned! Are you still manually moving apps to Business users? Manually moving apps to production is error-prone and takes a lot of valuable time. And why should you if you can automate the whole process and include your own Customizable workflow and other useful options? Check out our demo video or contact us to find out more. Easy Deployment Version Control Qlik Sense Version Control QlikView “PlatformManager offers us a great environment for application lifecycle management, for both SAP/BO and Qlik, allowing us to minimize risk, reduce costs and improve results.” Bram TalstraDeveloper at Accell Group The ability to control outsourced and

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What Customers say

Everything we do, we do for our Customers. This is why we provide you with the best support and why we value your feedback. If you wonder how you can benefit from our solution just listen to some customers who share their experiences with you.  

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Attend a Breakout session on Qlik World from our customer Cook Medical

We value feedback from Customers and Partners, and we appreciate it when Customers take the stand to share their experiences with our solution. Cook Medical has been a Customer since 2015, first for SAP/BusinessObjects and in 2019 they added Qlik Sense to their implementation. During the breakout session, Ron Verhees will explain how they manage Qlik in an Enterprise environment using PlatformManager. The session number is 486486 and here is a link to the session: How to Manage Qlik in an Enterprise environment with PlatformManager We are an Exhibitor sponsor at Qlik World. Come visit our booth and chat with us to hear the latest development and product news! We are available from 1:05 PM to 4:05 PM on May 10, from 12:20 PM to 4:10 PM on May 11, and from 11:45 AM – 3:20 PM on May 12, all times in EDT.  

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