Support for Qlik Sense September in 2018

It’s our goal to support new Qlik Sense versions within 3 weeks after their GA date. In 2018 we will release at least 5 versions of PlatformManager. Due to our changed architecture, we now have the ability to support new QS Versions from a previous Platform Manager release, depending on the type of changes that have been implemented in the new QS release. If we need to make changes for any new QS version in 90% of the cases delivering a new PlatformManager QS Web Service will suffice. If you have questions about our support for any specific Qlik Sense version just send an email to [email protected]

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PlatformManager 3.6 released!

It’s with great pleasure that we announce our new Application Governance solution, PlatformManager 3.6 which is downloadable now for our Customers and Partners. PlatformManager 3.6 supports QlikView, SAP/BI 4.x, Qlik Sense June 2017, September 2017 and November 2017. New for Qlik Sense is the support for Extensions, Widgets and Mashups. This includes Impact Analyses to your Qlik Sense apps and the ability to cross-reference and Deploy these extensions to all your Qlik Sense servers. Improved support for Release Management and improved  Data Lineage with drill down shows integrated QlikView and Qlik Sense apps, QVD’s and all other data sources. Our Customers find great value from the Impact Analyses and tight integration of Qlik Sense Extensions with Qlik Sense apps. Business Users no longer experience Qlik Sense apps with empty spaces where a visual should be. Platform Manager allows you to edit, version and deploy all your extensions. Let us know if you’re interested to experience how Platform Manager can boost your use of Qlik or BusinessObjects. Contact us via [email protected] or view a demo here.

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Ready for Qonnections 2017!

A delegation of In4BI is currently in Orlando preparing for Qonnections for the third year in a row. We’re all excited to hear the latest news around Qlik and to meet new people and explain to them how they can improve their Qlik Sense Deployment. So, if you’re interested in finding ways to improve your development and deployment of Qlik Sense, please visit our booth and watch the latest features that we’ll be announcing! We’re looking forward to meet you!

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More Intelligence: PlatformManager 3.5 released

This week we released PlatformManager 3.5, our latest solution for BI Application Lifecycle Management and Application Governance supporting Qlik Sense, QlikView and SAP/BusinessObjects. One of the most important changes in this release is the way we support migrations from QlikView 11 to QlikView 12.  PlatformManager now enables you to edit/restore/view QlikView 11 items using a QlikView 12 implementation. This will assist you in your company’s gradual migration from QlikView 11 to QlikView 12. Checklist The Workflow that we used to have has been replaced with the Checklist. This new feature provides various advantages: Ability to use different checklists per environment based on item type or  used BI solution Ability to implement a default checklist per item type or BI Connection Whereas the Workflow was a sequential process, the Checklist tasks can be approved in a more random order. This provides more flexibility to users during the approval process.  Each checklist task can be mandatory or optional. Autopath When promoting a Release, PlatformManager will try to match the destination paths using the source paths. Qlik Sense Datasource path validation Qlik Sense Data Connections are now validated with a single click (on the “Continue” button). In earlier versions you had to approve the

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IN4BI sponsors Qonnections 2017

This year, Qonnections will be from May 15-18 in Orlando, Florida. IN4BI is proud to announce that for the third time we will be a sponsor of this signature event! Like last year EVACO, our German Solution Provider, will co-sponsor the event and provide manpower on our Booth. Qonnections is where Qlik partners from all over the world come together to meet up, share experiences and learn about new developments in business intelligence. There will be general sessions, along with hands-on training and breakout sessions for all levels and roles. Qlik will share exclusive updates about their roadmap. You can even earn Qlik certifications at a discounted price! Among the speakers will be Lars Bjork, CEO of Qlik and Jason Silva, host of National Geographic’s Brain Games. Sponsors who are IN4BI Partners include Axis Group, Analytics8 and CrunchData. Hope to see you in Orlando! More info here!

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Munich Masters Summit 2017

You have some experience with Qlik, and have taken the beginner’s courses. How do you go to the next level to create more success with your Qlik solutions? Now there is an opportunity to learn from seasoned experts and authors Rob Wunderlich, Barry Harmsen, Oleg Troyansky and Bill Lay. Also presenting will be Ralf Becher of TIQ Solutions GmbH. Designed for Qlik Developers who have basic skills and experience,  the Munich Masters Summit presents three days of intense hands-on sessions in topics such as Advanced Scripting, Data Modeling, Advanced Aggregation and Set Analysis, and Visualization Techniques, applicable to both QlikView® and Qlik Sense®. The Masters Summit combines the educational value of a technical training course with the networking power of an international conference. Launched in 2013, the Masters Summit for Qlik® has trained over 500 developers in various locations across the globe, collaborating with some of the top Qlik experts in the world. Be sure to meet us there!

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bWise and In4BI sign partnership

It’s with great pleasure that today we announce our newest Partnership with bWise as our Norwegian Solution Provider. bWise is a Norwegian leading center of expertise within Business Intelligence (BI), data warehouse and enterprise resource management solutions. bWise was founded in 2007 and has over 140 customers on Qlik with over 300 completed projects. As the only Qlik Elite Partner in Norway, bWise has won every national “Partner of the Year” award, and is proud to be awarded as “2014 Solution Partner of the Year, World Wide” by QLIK. bWise strives to deliver leading-edge BI-solutions with tangible value, and assist customers throughout the life cycle from planning, implementation, training and governance.  This, and our experience, is the reason why customers continue to team up with us to achieve the best results. We hope and trust to build a long term business relationship with bWise where providing quality solutions to our mutual Customers is one of the key goals!

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PlatformManager supports Qlik Sense 3.1 as of today!

Qlik Sense 3.1 is released today and we’re proud to anounce that Platform Manager 3.3 already supports this new Qlik Sense version. Due to our Technology Partnership with Qlik we are able to support and test new versions of Qlik Sense even before they are released. Therefore existing customers running PlatformManager 3.3 can already use Qlik Sense 3.1! Some of the new features in PlatformManager 3.3 Improved look and feel Introduction of new SBE License model Ability to create new Qlik Sense app Create release with dependencies You can now use hyperlinks in Item comments. This enables you to link your Qlik app directly to a Change request We now support Development from multiple different geographical locations and associated BI Servers SAP/BI 4.2 is now supported Qlik Sense 3.1 is now supported Data can be purged from Qlik Sense apps on Import and Check-in … PlatformManager 3.3 was released just before the summer and is downloadable from the Support portal.

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PlatformManager supports Qlik Sense 3.0!

In4BI has tested the Qlik Sense 3.0 integration in PlatformManager for several weeks and it works as expected. Because of the way PlatformManager integrates with Qlik Sense and due to the fact that both solutions are Web based there was no need to change the PlatformManager application. Customers that are currently using PlatformManager 3.2 for Development and Deployment support can update their Qlik Sense implementations to 3.0 enabling them to use the latest technology provided by Qlik. My personal favorites in Qlik Sense 3.0 is the Visual Data preparation capability! Just Amazing and easy to use! Here’s a short video on what’s new in Qlik Sense 3.0.

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