PlatformManager at The Qlik Analytics Tour 2019

June 21, 2019

Yesterday PlatformManager was at the Qlik Analytics Tour which was organized by Agilos. Agilos is our Solution Provider in Belgium. It was a very busy day with more than 90 interested attendees. There was a lot of knowledge transfer and we were able to talk to many people. Being able to tell about PlatformManager, and how important it is to know clearly that you can trust your applications. That’s a great thing to do! 

Agilos, our partner in crime

Agilos helps businesses to become more competitive and agile through smarter and better use of their data. They do this by providing a best-of-breed platform that allows companies to make better decisions. Through their training, coaching, and expertise, they help you realize a short time to value and maximize the ROI or their business intelligence journey.

We are very happy to have Agilos as a partner. It was a successful day at The Qlik Analytics Tour 2019.

You’ve heard enough about AI. Now see it in action.

Qlik is looking for fresh approaches to using data. Yesterday was the AI in Action: Qlik Analytics Tour. Here we explored the revolutionary new ways businesses the Qlik Sense analytics platform is using to transform, reinvent, and pull ahead of the pack. We have learned about Qlik’s powerful AI capabilities, Cognitive Engine, and Augmented Intelligence approach. Next, we have shared our knowledge with a passionate group of data and analytics leaders.

What happened on the Qlik Analytics Tour

We started with a warm welcome from Gilles Hocepied, Managing Partner of Agilos. Next, there was a very interesting presentation from Edwin Willems explaining the new Qlik Capabilities. Also very interesting for Qlik Customers is their Braincloud offering. This enabling customers to have a Qlik shared or the dedicated environment in the cloud fully managed by Agilos. PlatformManager is offered here as well!
SPEAKERS: Edwin Willems, Executive Partner, Agilos and Jean-François Dierckx, Presales and Project Manager, Agilos

Subsequently, after the coffee break, there were three Customer Cases of which two are already using PlatformManager.

Customer case 1: Qlik and AI as transformational pillars for UCB Finance
SPEAKER: Idriss Aissa, Finance Solutions Expert, UCB

Customer case 2: FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) analytics in the cloud
Mavenly’s solution is seamlessly managed in BrainCloud, Agilos’ Azure based managed BI cloud.

Customer case 3: Deloitte explained their approach on reducing their carbon footprint by providing employees with other ways of mobility. Next to that, Deloitte explained how they are using Qlik to analyze the results.
SPEAKERS: Michel Ausloos, Manager Analytics & Cognitive, Deloitte Belgium and Annelies Vermeire, Fleet and Mobility manager Deloitte Belgium

What did PlatformManager do?

We have been able to tell our customers about Application Governance. How it helps to roll out better applications to business users faster with fewer errors. And about our newest feature Multi Development. PlatformManager allows Multiple Developers to work on the same Qlik Sense app simultaneously which will speed up your application development. Developers no longer have to wait until the app is checked-in.

Happy Customers!

We see that many companies have problems that we can solve. It is fantastic to see how excited BI-managers and developers are when they see how PlatformManager can help and how much easier they can work with Qlik!

Thank you Agilos!

Thanks to all Agilos employees for this fantastic event. On to more great events!


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