PlatformManager version 5 is here!

After a lot of investigation and discussions and interactions with Qlik R&D we can now release PlatformManager version 5 with support for Qlik Sense Cloud. Our approach has always been to support both Hybrid Cloud environments as well as Cloud only implementations. We have thoroughly tested this new platform and we’re excited to be able to support your journey into SaaS using PlatformManager

Hybrid Cloud

Using our 3 phase support strategy meant that we started to support Hybrid implementations where the production environment lives in Qlik Sense Cloud while Development and Test reside on-premise. Instead of using the Qlik Synchronization feature, Customers can use our built-in Promotion feature to publish from on-premise to Qlik Sense Cloud production environments. Single as well as multi-tenants are supported.

Cloud only

Since our first Customers started with Cloud only implementations, we immediately followed to support Development in Qlik Sense Cloud as well. This turned out to be a bit more complicated as expected but we got it to work perfectly in PlatformManager version 5. Qlik Sense Cloud is way easier to configure, and we expect Customers to rapidly embrace this new Qlik platform.

Looking Ahead

The next logical step for us would be to offer PlatformManager as a SaaS solution as well. Today, we already support running in a private cloud like AWS or Azure, so it’s not required to have hardware in-house when working with PlatformManager. If you want to find out more about our SaaS plans, just email

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