See you (not) live at Qlik World 2022 in Denver Colorado!

After 2 years without a physical Qlik World event, we were hoping to meet you again in Denver from May, 16 to 19. Unfortunately, this event has been canceled by Qlik.

So what is your best shot to hear all the latest news? Subscribing to our newsletter is an option. Keeping your eyes on our website is another option. And you can use our chat function which will go live this week to contact us directly.

We have a lot of news scheduled for you so stay tuned!

Are you still manually moving apps to Business users?

Manually moving apps to production is error-prone and takes a lot of valuable time.

And why should you if you can automate the whole process and include your own Customizable workflow and other useful options?

Check out our demo video or contact us to find out more.

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