PlatformManager Viewer for Free!

Are you struggling with dependencies of your Qik Sense apps and related Reload tasks? Don’t have a clue if you have multiple tasks reloading the same app? PlatformManager Viewer can solve this for you!

This easy to use solution visualizes your Qlik Sense apps and all related  Reload tasks directly from any Qlik Sense server. Simply select the Qlik Sense server and select the Qlik Sense app. All related Reload tasks will be visualized.

What’s even better is that you can use this solution for free! No hidden costs, you can install it yourself and see if it helps you! We would appeciate your feedback!

So, register today to get your free copy of PlatformManager Viewer. And while you’re at it you might also check-out our Application Governance solution for Qlik called PlatformManager.

Short Video

We have a short video available that outlines what you can do with PlatformManager Viewer.

Fill in the form to access the Video. Or start exploring the options yourself and ask for a download. It’s free! Why wait? We will send you a link through email.

Register for your free copy!

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