Qlik NPrinting Version Control

PlatformManager now offers Source Control for your Qlik NPrinting apps as well. You can store all versions of an NPrinting app in PlatformManager, publish them to other Qlik servers and restore them in case of an issue or failure. The NPrinting app can work on Qlik Sense and QlikView apps and relations will appear once the app is loaded in PlatformManager. During promotion, these relations will be automatically updated. Request a live demo to find out more!

PlatformManager is the solution that helps you to create better apps in less time.

PlatformManager is an Application Governance solution that helps you to develop and deploy better Qlik applications. The goal is to reduce errors, save time and improve the speed of Development and Deployment. PlatformManager enforces you never lose changes and makes deployment to other servers easy, controlled and reliable. Restoring items just takes 2 clicks. Watch our videos or subscribe to a live demo!

Collaborate, Publish and Restore

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Check-out and check-in. Integrated with NPrinting.

Changes can be controlled using the Check-out and check-in feature. The secure locking mechanism prevents other Developers from changing the same NPrinting app at the same time. When the app is checked in the latest version is automatically stored in Version Control and synchronized to the associated Qlik NPrinting Server.

Publish to other Qlik Servers

It’s never been easier to publish an NPrinting app to another Qlik NPrinting server. Use the auto promote function in PlatformManager, and it takes just 2 clicks for a successful promotion of your apps. The relations with Qlik Sense and/or QlikView apps are automatically updated by PlatformManager to the destination versions of these apps. So there’s no manual intervention needed.


If a published NPrinting app contains an issue, simply restore the previous version. Restore will get any previous version from Version Control and saves that as the current version. Not only in PlatformManager but also in the Synchronized Qlik NPrinting server. And, the Restore takes just 2 clicks. Fast, easy, secure, and reliable!

10 important things to know about PlatformManager for Qlik

Besides Version Control, PlatformManager offers many more features that help you with faster development, deployment, and controlled migrations. Because of this, the BICC’s and Service desks of our Clients are able to provide better support to their Business Users.

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