Version Control

With PlatformManager it’s easy to keep control of all versions in your Qlik Sense apps. The integrated version control system allows you to restore, publish, change and archive all the changes you made. Next to that PlatformManager will seamlessly integrated with Qlik Sense.

Reload Tasks

Having difficulties managing your reload tasks? Recreating them in every individual server? Just import your Reload tasks from your Qlik Sense server in PlatformManager and publish them to all servers you have. Use PlatformManager Viewer to view the relations and dependencies.

Data Lineage

You want to reload your apps in Production but you don’t want to keep track of app dependencies like QVD files, Databases, Excel sheets etc.? Have PlatformManager generates your dependency overview in Development, fully automatic. Integrated for QlikView and Qlik Sense. Always up-to-date. No logging required.

Extensions, Mashups and Widgets

Ever had the experience where an app shows a grey area that was supposed to have a visualization from an extension? PlatformManager manages your Extensions, Mashups and Widgets and only publishes apps to Production when Extensions exist on that Qlik Sense Server.

Release Management

Do you want to move apps that store and load your QVD’s together as a package to keep your production environment consistent? For instance when you need to restore one of the apps? Our Release Management enables you to restore an entire package of apps and related files. It just takes two clicks and PlatformManager synchronizes every change to all your servers. Release Management is Powerful, Easy and Reliable.

Impact Analyses

Ever had to search for a QVD? No idea where it is created or used? Search your metadata and you’ll find it in a few seconds. Or use this to locate the use of Servers, Expressions, Variables and much more.

Benefits for Qlik Sense

Besides Version Control, PlatformManager has many more features and advantages that help you with faster development, deployment and controlled migrations. Because of this, the BICC’s and Service desks of our Clients are able to provide better support to their Business Users.

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