Impact Analyses

What is the impact if you change Universe objects and how do you test a change like that. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you know which documents are affected?

Change Universe connection

Deployment should be simple. When deploying a universe you can select the connection from the destination CMS. Same for Keywords and Categories. Easy and reliable!

Global Search

What if you change a database column? What is the impact? Use the global search to analyse this.

Universe – WebI document

Want to keep track of the universe version that was used when you created your WebI Document? We can show you that. Even for historical items.


What if you publish a document to production while the latest universe version does not exist? Prevent this from happening and check the relations in PlatformManager first.

Customer Reviews

Read what customers say about PlatformManager for SAP/BO.  Customer Reviews

Benefits of PlatformManager for BusinessObjects

PlatformManager has many more features and benefits which are useful and help our Customers with faster development and controlled migrations. Also the BICC and Service desks of our Clients are able to provide better support to their Business Users.

Want to see more? Check out our brochures or request a Web demo. We’re happy to show you all benefits of PlatformManager for your specific situation.

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Watch a 10 minute Demo Movie that shows the major benefits of our solution.

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We have several brochures for you that explain our offering for Qlik and SAP BO.

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