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We believe that collaborating with other developers and publishing apps to Business users should be easy, straightforward, and reliable. Without manually copying over files to other servers.

We believe that your Business users should always have the ability to analyze your data. Independent of what Developers and Testers are doing. Independently, if a new version is being delivered. That should happen in the background with ZERO impact for Business users.

We believe that you should be able to track changes like in a Word document. Enabling you to test focussed on changes in less time. Determining the impact of a change.

We believe that these features should be part of the BI Solution. While they are not, we will provide them for you. And many more…

PlatformManager is the solution that helps you to create better apps in less time.

PlatformManager is an Application Governance solution that helps you to collaboratively develop and deploy your Qlik Sense apps, extensions, and Mashups. . The goal is to reduce errors and improve the speed of Development and Deployment.  PlatformManager enforces you never lose changes and makes deployment to other servers easy, controlled and reliable.  Change tracking enables focused testing, while the Data Lineage provides insight into the impact of a QVD change.  Restoring items just takes 2 clicks. Watch our videos or subscribe to a live demo!

Collaborate, Publish, Restore, and Track Changes

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Version Control should be a no brainer!

For Legacy systems, it’s never questioned if you need Version Control features. So why is this different when working with BI Solutions? It’s not! You can save a lot of time and effort by implementing a Version Control solution that works integrated with your Qlik Sense platform.

With PlatformManager it’s easy to keep multiple versions of your Qlik Sense apps. The integrated version control allows you to restore~, publish~ and track all changes. Next to that, PlatformManager works seamlessly integrated with Qlik Sense. Simply check out an app that is automatically opened in PlatformManager. Publish an app to the Qlik Sense servers with just a few clicks while changing Data Connections and reloading the app in the background! No need to publish apps with tons of data!

And it works for QlikView, Qlik Sense and Qlik Sense SaaS! So your upgrade plans are covered as well!

Reload Tasks

Are you experiencing difficulties in managing your reload tasks? For example, recreating them in every individual server? In PlatformManager you just have to import your reload tasks from your Qlik Sense server and publish them to all servers you have, easy as that!

Data Lineage

You want to reload your apps in Production but you don’t want to keep track of app dependencies. For instance, QVD files, Databases and Excel sheets? Have PlatformManager generates your dependency overview in Development. This works fully automatic, is Integrated for Qlik, Always up-to-date and no logging required.

Extensions, Mashups and Widgets

Ever had the experience where an app shows a grey area that was supposed to have a visualization from an extension? PlatformManager manages your Extensions, Mashups and Widgets and only publishes apps to Production when Extensions exist on that Qlik Sense Server.

Impact Analyses

Ever had to search for a QVD? No idea where it is created or used? Search your metadata and you’ll find it in a few seconds. Or use this to locate the use of Servers, Expressions, Variables and much more.

Support for all Qlik Sense versions

In general, PlatformManager supports all new Qlik Sense versions out of the box within 4 weeks after the GA release date from Qlik. Before you upgrade your Qlik implementation check with our Support team if the new Qlik version is supported by PlatformManager. You can check our latest updates on our Support portal.

Qlik Sense Version Control

Whatch the Video to see how Version Control can power your Qlik Sense deployment! Track changes, Restore, Build releases, Easy deploy and much more!

10 of the most important things to know about PlatformManager for Qlik Sense

Besides Version Control, PlatformManager offers many more features that help you with faster development, deployment, and controlled migrations. Because of this, the BICC’s and Service desks of our Clients are able to provide better support to their Business Users.

Want to see more? Check out our brochures or request a Web demo. We’re happy to show you all the benefits of Platform Manager for Qlik Sense!

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