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Qlik Connect 2024 – What To Watch Out For
Headed to Qlik Connect 2024? There’s lots on offer from great talks all the way through to key product announcements, especially when it comes to AI.
Collaboration Shouldn’t Stop At Teams And Zoom
Here’s why Teams and Zoom are a great starting point for collaboration but that when it comes to supporting developers you need a specialist tool.
PlatformManager Empowers Steward Health Care’s BI Reporting And Analytics
Case Study: How Steward Health Care used PlatformManager to revolutionize BI reporting and analytics in their U.S. hospital network
The Risks and Realities of Zero-Touch Version Control in BI Management
Explore our insights on the pitfalls of zero-touch version control in BI. Learn why structured processes and quality control matter more in our latest blog.
Traceability For System Migrators And Integrators
Discover why PlatformManager is the ultimate solution for Qlik migration and integration. Cut downtime by improving traceability today.
A Leap Forward With Certified Installation Partners
Find out about our Certified Installation Partner Program: A new approach to installations and customer onboarding designed to ensure success from the start.

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