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Recently, we talked to some of our customers, and they told us that they couldn’t imagine having worked without PlatformManager before. They explained the pain points they were suffering which they no longer need to worry about, such as:

  • The lack of having integrated Version Control and Deploy capabilities embedded in the BI solution
  • Having no information about what has changed and what needs to be tested
  • No insight in dependencies
  • No restore capabilities

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Introduction to PlatformManager

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Using Qlik: Great Oversight Is Vital

Want your Qlok development to work? Check this out.

Keeping development projects running smoothly starts with being able to see what is going on. If you’ve got lots of developers involved in every stage of your app build then things can quickly get complicated – which is when great oversight really starts to shine. As you grow, you’re going to need more developers working on more apps, and so the complexity of your day-to-day Qlik development operation will increase rapidly. You need to be ready for this so that you know precisely what your people are doing. Trouble Tracking? Many companies these days outsource some, if not all, of their development. This is a great way to source talent as and when you need it; but it does come with some drawbacks. Being able to manage developers from across the world and get them to collaborate effectively with one another is a challenge you might be familiar with. Typically, companies don’t have a single solution to this problem. While development is often outsourced, deployment is almost always kept in-house because businesses want to retain control of the apps they deliver. Within that motivation to retain control is the key factor of security. Giving external developers access to a deployment

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Deployment Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

You might be doing deployment all wrong.

If you’ve ever had a hand in releasing a new version of an app, you’ll be familiar with the fact it’s a time consuming, repetitive process – with lots of potential to go wrong. Thankfully, there is a better way. Automation is now a massive part of business – and that’s just as true for many traditionally manual IT activities. However, the same cannot be said for app deployment, which remains largely manual. But, technology can do at scale what people can’t; and that’s where PlatformManager comes in. It’s Just Too Much If you want to move an app from one server to another, there are so many individual steps involved that when you take a step back and look at them all, you see how ridiculous it is to do it manually. Without going into too much detail, here is a quick list of some of them. You have to: Log into the acceptance server Select the file you want to publish Download each individual file onto your system Copy them to the destination server (which you need access to at an admin level) Upload all the files individually Reload the production data (this can take hours) Finally, you

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The Safety Net Of Good Version Control

Version control matters. Want to know why?

Keeping track of every app in development, testing, and production is a challenge that many businesses face. With so much manual work, as well as the risk of errors, it’s no wonder that companies are finding new ways to manage their version control. Version control is a critical process and is often the difference between end users being able to get on with what they need to do and the support ticket system filling up with angry requests to get things working. For businesses that try to manually handle version control, a lot of problems crop up very quickly. So what’s the solution? Seeing is the first step in solving If you’ve got a single developer working in 3 week sprints, the chances of your business being overwhelmed by managing changes to apps is pretty low. However, as soon as you start introducing larger teams of developers – particularly if they’re working across multiple time zones – keeping on top of version control quickly becomes a real hassle. Add deadlines to lots of separate people working on the same projects and you have a recipe for disaster. Part of what makes PlatformManager so effective for DevOps teams is that it

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“The ability to control outsourced and in-house development, combined with integrated migration capabilities was decisive to start with PlatformManager.”

Bart Millecam, Staff Manager at Honda Motor Europe Logistics (HMEL)

“Thanks to PlatformManager the entire development, testing and management process for our QlikView environment has become more professional, efficient and controlled.”

Edwin Terink, Senior BI Specialist Reporting House, Schiphol Group

Flexible Workflows

Allows you to follow your own deployment process for publishing apps to your production server. Easy to use, customizable, powerful, flexible.

Invaluable Knowledge

Rich metadata allows you to search across your apps for used files, expressions, variables, servers used and much more. Explore and analyze quickly to find solutions.

Enforced Approval

Only tested apps should be used by your business users. Platform Manager enforces that only reviewed and approved apps can be used in Production.

Release Management

Keep your Production environment consistent by packaging related apps. Restore entire releases containing apps that function together to keep your environment consistent.

Data Lineage

Which files are required to reload your app? Let Platform Manager visualize your Data Lineage and navigate to the visualization to analyze your dependencies.


Work seamlessly together with your team members. See the changes made by others. Give your testers the input they need to test faster and more focused to deliver quality apps.

Seamless code review

Code review is the surest path to better code, and it’s fundamental to how it works. Built-in review tools make code review an essential part of your team’s process.

Track changes

Reviews happen faster when you know exactly what’s changed. Diffs compare versions of your source code side by side, highlighting the parts that are new, edited, or deleted.

Trusted by over 200 companies, supported by over 30 Qlik partners

“We used PlatformManager to keep our business running.”

“PlatformManager offers us a great environment for application lifecycle management, for both SAP/BO and Qlik, allowing us to minimize risk, reduce costs and improve results.”

Bram Talstra, Johan Molenaar & Onno Oosterkamp, Members of the BI-team, Accell Group

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