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Recently, we talked to some of our customers, and they told us that they couldn’t imagine having worked without PlatformManager before. They explained the pain points they were suffering which they no longer need to worry about, such as:

  • The lack of having integrated Version Control and Deploy capabilities embedded in the BI solution
  • Having no information about what has changed and what needs to be tested
  • No insight in dependencies
  • No restore capabilities

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Introduction to PlatformManager

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Faster, Faster! – Cutting Down Testing Time

Faster testing doesn’t have to be a pipe dream

In an environment where more than a handful of apps are in production, none of your testers know what code your developers have touched. At the same time, business users breathe down the necks of the IT team to get what they need on their desktops today. So how can you test faster and still deliver high-quality apps? Testing is a critical part of app development, but because it’s the last big step before the user gets the app, it tends to be more of a sticking point than other areas. As far as the business user understands, the app is totally ready, but it’s stuck in a holding pattern which stops them from using it. To help with this type of frustration, you need to make testing quicker. Here’s how. Testing, Testing The problem with testing is that it gets repetitive. Testers will often have to keep testing the same apps for as long as they’re in use, which for many businesses is going to be years. Looking at the same code over and over again tends to dull the senses to change. Becoming more familiar with particular programs makes testers more comfortable  –because they think they know it

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Help, My Best Developer Is Leaving!

You don’t have to panic if your best dev leaves

It’s terrifying when your best developer decides they want to move on. You rely on them so much that you don’t even think about what they’re responsible for half the time – they just get it done. But, that leaves you with a big hole to fill, both in terms of knowledge and time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your whole development team as good as your star player? It’s a horrible feeling when your best developer slides their notice across the desk, or even worse in the modern age, when you receive a resignation email. The anxiety of how your team will handle ongoing work and larger projects builds pretty quickly the moment you know you’re losing a great resource. Unfortunately, when they do go, it’s also likely to shine a light on things that aren’t quite up to scratch. A Big Hit Let’s say you’ve got a team of 12 and within that group, you’ve got a long-standing developer who knows everything. That could include what extensions you use, where the database files are, QBD processes, how to put something into production – you know the person we’re talking about. Your star player. The person

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So That’s Where The Time Went!

Did you see where the time went?

It’s been a seriously busy year, right? We’re still not sure where the time had gone, so we had a quick look back at the past twelve months and realized we’d accomplished rather a lot. Today, hopefully, to encourage you to review 2022 in your own life, we’re running through all the highlights, as well as the view ahead for PlatformManager in 2023. It’s very cliche, but it really does feel like the start of 2022 was yesterday, when in reality, it’s been a very busy year at PlatformManager. We’ve accomplished so much in the past twelve months. We’re guessing because it was so busy it turned the whole year into a blur, so it’s nice to sit down and put all our achievements on paper. “2023 will see us continue our efforts in developing our global partner community and investing in our customers and the Cloud solutions they need!”   Jeroen Gerritsen, Managing Director, PlatformManager Month To Month We kicked off the year 2022 with a visit in January to our partner Evaco in Duisburg for a sales kick-off event. For the second time in a row, our Global Partner Award 2022 has been won by EVACO due to

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“The ability to control outsourced and in-house development, combined with integrated migration capabilities was decisive to start with PlatformManager.”

Bart Millecam, Staff Manager at Honda Motor Europe Logistics (HMEL)

“Thanks to PlatformManager the entire development, testing and management process for our QlikView environment has become more professional, efficient and controlled.”

Edwin Terink, Senior BI Specialist Reporting House, Schiphol Group

Flexible Workflows

Allows you to follow your own deployment process for publishing apps to your production server. Easy to use, customizable, powerful, flexible.

Invaluable Knowledge

Rich metadata allows you to search across your apps for used files, expressions, variables, servers used and much more. Explore and analyze quickly to find solutions.

Enforced Approval

Only tested apps should be used by your business users. Platform Manager enforces that only reviewed and approved apps can be used in Production.

Release Management

Keep your Production environment consistent by packaging related apps. Restore entire releases containing apps that function together to keep your environment consistent.

Data Lineage

Which files are required to reload your app? Let Platform Manager visualize your Data Lineage and navigate to the visualization to analyze your dependencies.


Work seamlessly together with your team members. See the changes made by others. Give your testers the input they need to test faster and more focused to deliver quality apps.

Seamless code review

Code review is the surest path to better code, and it’s fundamental to how it works. Built-in review tools make code review an essential part of your team’s process.

Track changes

Reviews happen faster when you know exactly what’s changed. Diffs compare versions of your source code side by side, highlighting the parts that are new, edited, or deleted.

Trusted by over 200 companies, supported by over 30 Qlik partners

“We used PlatformManager to keep our business running.”

“PlatformManager offers us a great environment for application lifecycle management, for both SAP/BO and Qlik, allowing us to minimize risk, reduce costs and improve results.”

Bram Talstra, Johan Molenaar & Onno Oosterkamp, Members of the BI-team, Accell Group

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