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Application Lifecycle

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This is our Application
Lifecycle Management

Collaborating with other BI developers can be challenging when they are working from different locations. Deploying apps to production takes a lot of manual steps and failure is sadly commonplace. It’s also very time-consuming, and time is something we’re all short of.

That’s why we developed PlatformManager. It helps you work more efficiently, saving your time and making your BI app development more successful.

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Having a controlled process for changing and publishing apps is the most common reason why businesses use PlatformManager. When they do, they save time in deployment thanks to automation.

Once they start using it, they can’t imagine ever doing it any other way: again!

PlatformManager provides:

main features

Some of PlatformManagers most important features:

Flexible Workflows

Allows you to enforce task execution prior to apps being published to production.

Invaluable Knowledge

Rich metadata allows you to search across your apps for used files, expressions, variables, used date formats and much more. Explore and analyze quickly.

Enforced Approval

PlatformManager ensures that only reviewed and approved apps can be published to production.

Release Management

Keep your Production environment consistent by grouping related apps in a release. Restore releases containing apps that function together to keep your environment consistent.

Track Changes

Being able to track changes is a must for testers.


Work on a single Qlik Sense app with multiple developers at the same time.

Data Lineage

Knowing which QVD's are used where is crucial when the impact of a change has to be determined. Our Data Lineage shows where QVD's are created and used.

Extensions and Mashups

Using Extensions and building Mashups are ways to go beyond Qlik's standard features. We support both, enabling you to view which apps are using extensions or being used in a Mashup.

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Thanks to PlatformManager the entire development, testing and management process for our QlikView environment has become more professional, efficient and controlled.

Edwin Terink
Senior BI Specialist Reporting House

“We use PlatformManager to keep our business running. It offers us a great environment for application lifecycle management, for both SAP/BO and Qlik – allowing us to minimize risk, reduce costs and improve results.”

Bram Talstra, Johan Molenaar & Onno Oosterkamp
BI Team members at Accell Group

“The ability to control outsourced and in-house development and testing, combined with the integrated migration capabilities, is key to us using PlatformManager.”

Bart Millecam
Staff Manager at Honda Motor Europe Logistics (HMEL)

PlatformManager allows us to optimize our use of QlikView and Qlik Sense apps by providing reliable Release Management and publication processes.

Hendrik Gruss
Data Engineer, Pixum Diginet GmbH & Co. KG

We love PlatformManager. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out!”

Erich Muff
Global Reporting Manager

BI Platforms

A single PlatformManager implementation can be used to work with multiple supported BI Solutions on-premise and in the Cloud.

All PlatformManager users are licensed to work with every BI Solution without additional user costs

Qlik Sense on-premise and private clouds are supported BI platforms for PlatformManager.

QlikView is a supported BI Platform and supported features are 95% identical to Qlik Sense.

NPrinting has been a supported BI platform since 2022. QlikView and Qlik Sense can be used in tandem with NPrinting

SAP/BusinessObjects is a supported BI Platform. We support the usage of both Universes and Webl documents.

Qlik Sense Cloud is a supported BI Platform. Working in a Hybrid mode or with Cloud only. Single and Multiple tenant configurations are supported.

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Trusted by over 200 companies,
supported by over 30 Qlik partners.