Multi Development

Have you ever felt the need to change a single app with multiple developers? This can be very useful if you have to deliver a change quickly under pressure!

What is your challenge to collaborate with Qlik?

What’s the hardest part about working in Qlik?

Changes are often lost because developers don’t know who is working on what. And, in Qlik, you can’t see this either.

You can prevent this with PlatformManager. We ensure that only 1 developer can work on an app at any given time.

Integrated with
Qlik Sense!

Traditional systems allow multiple developers to work on the same app but have no solution for merging and they don’t integrate with Qlik

PlatformManager offers Multiuser Development without the need for version merging. That means no chance of having merge conflicts.

Multi Development with PlatformManager

If you need to deliver a bug fix quickly, and you want to temporarily work with more developers on the same app, turn on the Multi Development feature. Figure out who will work on which part of the app, and you can deliver the bug fix to the Business Users in time

Developers no longer have to wait until the app is checked-in. They can work together in the same app at the same time.

Every developer simply checks out the app and starts developing new sheets, visuals, or script changes. When finished, they just perform an individual check-in.

Changes are synchronized to all developers so merging is not required. When all developers have finished, the app can be published for testing. Testers can see the changes made by all Developers at once.

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Thanks to PlatformManager the entire development, testing and management process for our QlikView environment has become more professional, efficient and controlled.

Edwin Terink
Senior BI Specialist Reporting House

“We use PlatformManager to keep our business running. It offers us a great environment for application lifecycle management, for both SAP/BO and Qlik – allowing us to minimize risk, reduce costs and improve results.”

Bram Talstra, Johan Molenaar & Onno Oosterkamp
BI Team members at Accell Group

“The ability to control outsourced and in-house development and testing, combined with the integrated migration capabilities, is key to us using PlatformManager.”

Bart Millecam
Staff Manager at Honda Motor Europe Logistics (HMEL)

PlatformManager allows us to optimize our use of QlikView and Qlik Sense apps by providing reliable Release Management and publication processes.

Hendrik Gruss
Data Engineer, Pixum Diginet GmbH & Co. KG

We love PlatformManager. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out!”

Erich Muff
Global Reporting Manager

Frequently asked

Yes! Besides support for QlikView and Qlik Sense on-premise or private cloud implementations, Qlik Cloud is also supported starting version 5 of PlatformManager. Both hybrid implementations and full cloud are supported. You will need a specific license key to enable you to use the Qlik Cloud platform with PlatformManager. Visit our Support portal for the latest version.

You can watch our product Videos or you can register for a LIVE demo. If you already know what PlatformManager offers, but you want to try it for yourself, you can start a FREE Trial which allows you to test drive the solution for 3 days.

Yes, you can. If you feel more comfortable having a local Qlik partner to support you, please take a look at our registered partners. If you don't see your Qlik partner on our list, encourage him to contact us. You can also purchase our solution directly from us!

If you have an issue with PlatformManager you can email, or you can submit a ticket through the support portal which you can find in the menu of the website under Login

Yes. We plan to sponsor Qlik World 2023 so if you go that's a perfect place to meet our team and discuss our solution!

We are always looking for experienced or young talent to join our team. So, if you're a Developer, Consultant, Marketing or Sales, send your resume to and we'll contact you!

More main features

A single PlatformManager implementation can be used to work with support multiple BI Solutions. All PlatformManager users are always licensed to work with every BI Solution without additional user costs.

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