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Would you like to use version control for QlikView, Qlik Sense or SAP BO apps?
PlatformManager makes it possible to develop applications more efficient for developers. It’s easy to keep control of all versions in your QlikView, Qlik Sense and SAP BusinessObjects apps. By using PlatformManager, development is carried out as quickly as possible, as controlled as possible, as reliable as possible and with the least chance of errors.

We see that more and more companies are struggling to keep up with the latest technological developments. For example, a lack of time, budget cuts and the difficulty of finding qualified personnel. This makes the challenge even bigger to perform well with an efficient Business intelligence strategy.

The goal is to accelerate development and deployment and improve quality, allowing business users to spend more time analyzing their data. Therefore, PlatformManager encourages collaboration, provides version control and deployment for apps, tasks and extensions. Further features enable focused testing, visualizing dependencies with a data lineage and simplifying publication to all Qlik servers.

In conclusion reduce the failure and improve your quality. PlatformManager is the solution needed for this!

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Version Control

With PlatformManager it’s easy to keep control of all versions in your Qlik and BusinessObjects SAP apps. The integrated version control system allows you to restore, publish, change and archive all the changes you made. Next to that PlatformManager will seamlessly integrated with QlikView, Qlik Sense and SAP/BusinessObjects.

Easy Deployment

Deployments should be simple and reliable, regardless if you deploy a single app or an entire release. Whether you implement it on one server or at multiple geographic locations. In PlatformManager all existing reloading schedules and related objects are retained and insightful.

Difference Analyze

Are you struggling with testing your changes? Not knowing where to start or what to test? Save time with the Difference Analyze in PlatformManager and focus the test on the changes made. We show you the differences compared to the previous version. You can indicate what to compare.

Governance and Compliance

PlatformManager stands for the effective and efficient achievement of goals with minimizing the risk and uncertainties. The lifecycle report shows the full lifecycle of each individual app with insights about governance and compliance. These insights include changes, implementation, approval, and publication for your business users. With PlatformManager no manual intervention is required anymore. The information is generated in seconds. Your auditors will love it!

Automated Documentation

Why bother spending hours and hours creating documentation if you can generate it on the fly? Always up to date, always accessible. Want to see what the app looked like 6 months ago? Just press the button and view the report.

Customized Workflows

Each company is different, with its own test and approval policy. That’s why we adapt to your Workflow for deploying apps to production. Providing the ability to enforce your company rules.

Release Management

Do you want to move apps that store and load your QVD’s together as a package to keep your production environment consistent? For instance when you need to restore one of the apps? Our Release Management enables you to restore an entire package of apps and related files. It just takes two clicks and PlatformManager synchronizes every change to all your servers. Release Management is Powerful, Easy and Reliable.

Restore capabilities

When you develop an app and it appears that there is an error you want to fix. How do you know what your previous version is, how can you put the previous version back in your development environment? Qlik makes this complicated and you probably have solutions that are very error-prone. Therefore PlatformManager has developed the restore capabilities. Restore a previous version in PlatformManager and ready you are ready to go.

Focus Testing

How do you test a change made by a developer? Do you always know exactly what has been changed? Most of the time when you work with Qlik the changes a developer made are not clear. As a result it will take you a lot of time to test the changes that has been made. With PlatformManager you can use our comparison to visualize changes made to script, sheets, expressions for a clear view. This will help you to test faster and deliver better quality. But most important this way testing will be much easier and save you a lot of time.

Meet PlatformManager

” If you are not using PlatformManager today its definitely a big time saver and a good way to organize applications and being able to deploy them in production very quickly.”

 – Annelise Pretorius, Virgin Pulse – 

10 of the most important things to know about PlatformManager

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