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More and more companies struggle to keep up with the latest technology developments. A lack of time, budget cuts and the difficulty of finding qualified personnel make the challenge even bigger.  If you use BI as a strategic tool, PlatformManager is the solution you need!

PlatformManager is an Application Lifecycle Management solution build to help you develop and deploy QlikView applications. The goal is to accelerate development and deployment and improve quality. As a result business users can spend more time analyzing their data. PlatformManager encourages collaboration, providing version control and deployment. Not only for QlikView apps but also for reload tasks, SQL scripts, Text files etc.  Additional features enable focused testing, visualizing dependencies by data lineage and simplifying publication to all QlikView servers.

PlatformManager for QlikView

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Version Control

With Version Control by PlatformManager it’s easy to keep control of all versions in your QlikView apps. The version control system allows you to restore, publish, change and track all the changes you made. Next to that PlatformManager seamlessly integrates with QlikView.

Data Lineage

It’s important to understand which QVD’s are used by your apps. However, you don’t want to manually keep track of all dependencies with QVD’s, Databases, Excel and Text files.  So let PlatformManager generate your dependency overview, fully automated. Fully integrated with QlikView. Always up-to-date. No QlikView logging required.

Track changes

Are you struggling with testing your App changes? Not knowing where to start or what to test? Save time with the change tracker in PlatformManager and focus your test on the changes made. This is a big time saver! We track all the changes and let you decide what you want to see.


Impact Analyses

Ever had to search for a QVD? No idea where it is created or used? Search through all your metadata and you’ll find it in a few seconds. Or use this feature to locate the use of Servers, Expressions, Variables and much more.


Difference Analyze with PlatformManager for QlikView

Are you struggling with testing your changes? Not knowing where to start or what to test? Save time with the Difference Analyze in PlatformManager and focus the test on the changes made. We show you the differences compared to the previous version. You can indicate what to compare.


10 of the most important things to know about PlatformManager for QlikView

Of course PlatformManager has many more features and advantages that are useful and help our Customers with faster development and controlled migrations. Also the BICC and Service desks of our Clients are able to provide better support to their Business Users.

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We have several brochures for you that explain our offering for Qlik and SAP BO.

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