Version Control and more...

Fully integrated with Qlik Sense, QlikView and SAP/BO

What PlatformManager offers

Version Control



Keep every version that is checked in and deployed. Restore the previous production version with just 2 clicks. Automatic synchronization to your BI Servers.

Auto Deployment

Deploying BI items should be easy, controlled, fast, and reliable. That’s how it works in PlatformManager. Keeping track of your dependencies and loading the latest data.


Work seamlessly together with your team members. See the changes made by others. Give your testers the input they need to test faster and more focused to deliver quality apps to the business.

Data Lineage

Which files are required to reload your apps? PlatformManager visualizes data sources used and allows you to analyze the app dependencies.

Watch the animated video and learn how PlatformManager can help you to deliver more quality BI apps to Business users.

Flexible Workflows

Allows you to follow your own deployment process for publishing apps to your production server. Easy to use, customizable, powerful, and flexible.

Invaluable Knowledge

Rich metadata allows you to search across your apps for used files, expressions, variables, servers used and much more. Explore and analyze quickly to find solutions.

Enforced Approval

Only tested apps should be delivered to your business users. PlatformManager enforces that only reviewed and approved apps can be used in Production.

Release Management

Group related items together in a release. Restore a release containing items that have been tested together keeps your Production environment consistent.

Listen to how Schindler Elevator Corporation, Virgin Pulse and Pekin Insurance benefit from using PlatformManager.

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