Industry – Healtcare

Geography – United States

Architecture – QlikView, Qlik Sense

Departments – Business Intelligence, Information Services, Corporate Operations

Steward Health Care seamlessly transitions to cloud-based BI with PlatformManager, enhancing reporting and analytics across its extensive hospital network. Here are the highlights with the full story a few scrolls further.


  • Managing complex BI development for more than 30 hospitals across 8 states in the U.S.

  • Maintaining robust version control and efficient dashboard management to support decentralized users and stakeholders

  • Transitioning from on-premises to hosted data warehouse solutions while ensuring minimal disruption

  • Facilitating a hybrid “self-service” approach with business analysts learning Qlik and Information Services department supporting the infrastructure


  • Implementation of PlatformManager for effective version control and dashboard management

  • Facilitation of smooth transition from on-premises BI tools to a more flexible, cloud-based environment

  • Standardization of BI processes across the organization, making them more intentional and structured


  • Simplified and streamlined BI development process, making it easier for the core BI development team to support business users across the organization

  • Separated the production environments from development and testing by limiting the need for users to access production systems directly

  • Enhanced backup history and comparison capabilities, improving overall data security and integrity

  • Successful migration to a hosted data warehouse with minimal disruption, maintaining the efficiency of BI operations


“It’s been a very good investment to get people onto this platform. As we continue to migrate, we’ll rely on PlatformManager’s bridging capability. It has enabled a process that makes us more intentional, which is the biggest benefit.”


Dave Atkins, Software Development Manager, Steward Health Care



About Steward Health Care and PlatformManager

Steward Health Care, founded in 2010 and now headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the largest physician-led, private for-profit health care network in the United States. With a commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable care, Steward Health Care manages an extensive network that includes over five thousand providers and thirty thousand health care professionals. 


A household name for its comprehensive and integrated approach to health care, Steward Health Care plays a pivotal role in attending to more than two million people across more than twelve million physician and hospital visits each year.


Dave Atkins, manages a team of Steward Health Care BI developers, focusing on reporting and analytics across the network of hospitals in the U.S. Initially using QlikView without any formalized version control, the whole team faced challenges in managing complex reporting requirements for the executive team, as well as both regional and hospital-level leadership.



Recognizing the need for a more structured approach, particularly for their intricate hospital daily monitor reports, they explored various solutions. However, traditional methods like GitHub and other competitors proved either inefficient or required additional investments.


In 2016, Steward Health Care discovered PlatformManager. Impressed with its simple, repeatable approach and user-friendly interface, they implemented the solution, streamlining their BI development and deployment process. PlatformManager has also enabled them to efficiently manage their transition to a hosted data warehouse environment, integrating both QlikView and Qlik Sense into that workflow.


The team found that with minimal training, other groups could also use PlatformManager, which has helped promote standardization and improved process management more broadly within Steward Health Care.



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