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The Dark Side of BI
The path to the dark side of BI is not one to be taken lightly. To avoid it, you need to know what it looks like, and that’s exactly what this blog is for.
QlikWorld Catch Up
Discover our QlikWorld 2023 highlights, featuring PlatformManager's Qlik Cloud integration, a browser plugin for end-users, and our amazing teamwork.
The Top BI Trends of 2023
As businesses continue to grow and evolve, the importance of using data to make informed decisions becomes increasingly important. Using some brilliant insights…
Faster, Faster! – Cutting Down Testing Time
In an environment where more than a handful of apps are in production, none of your testers know what code your developers have touched. At the same time, business users…
Help, My Best Developer Is Leaving!
It’s terrifying when your best developer decides they want to move on. You rely on them so much that you don’t even think about what they’re responsible for half the time –…

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