A leading Dutch bike manufacturer has successfully jumped into the cloud without disrupting BI with help of PlatformManager.

Industry – Manufacturing

Geography – Netherlands / Germany

Architecture – Qlik Cloud

Departments – Business Intelligence


  • New ground migrating to Qlik Cloud and maintaining PlatformManager integrations
  • Small team to handle the complexities of the project
  • To minimize risk and downtime


  • The manufacturer move their Qlik platform to the cloud and are able to continue using PlatformManager through their integration with Qlik Cloud


  • Hosting solution with more flexibility and lower cost
  • All the existing benefits of PlatformManager are still in play

About The Customer

Our collaboration with this bike manufacturer began in 2019 when we implemented the PlatformManager solution for them. They have different branches, with one being the division focused on comfortable everyday bikes and their manufacture. At this manufacturer the BI setup initially consisted of SAP with Qlik as a data warehouse. However, this changed when they decided to build a data platform on AWS using Snowflake, transitioning Qlik to a visualization tool – what it’s primarily designed for.

The primary challenge they faced was the need to move to Qlik Cloud. They wanted to avoid server maintenance and other on-premises drawbacks, as well as benefit from the financial advantages of cloud-based solutions. But they didn’t want to give up all the benefits of PlatformManager which they feared they’d lose if they made the jump to the cloud.

They were already benefiting from PlatformManager’s user-friendly interface – which allows for a more intuitive BI development experience and enables efficient version control and rollback.

However, with a small BI team, most of the users are not technical and so PlatformManager makes their lives, and the life of their technical lead, much easier. The solution we helped build was primarily there to make sure that experience continued, but from the cloud rather than on-premises.

Because Qlik Cloud is reasonably new, integrations with the platform are constantly being refined, but after some troubleshooting and hard work between everyone involved, a stable system was in place.

“We were moving a number of systems to the cloud, and because I have been using PlatformManager for nearly ten years, I couldn’t imagine working without it again, so I reached out to Jeroen and the team, and they worked with us to build a working solution for Qlik Cloud.”Technical Lead, Leading Bicycle Manufacturer

Although the initial implementation has only just been completed, it’s already great to see that now it’s in place, this manufactuer can get all the benefits of a cloud setup without having to sacrifice any of the upsides that PlatformManager delivers.

Their BI team has been impressed so far with the solution, particularly because none of them want to go back to manual rollbacks and time-intensive version management. The collaboration between both parties is a testament to our dedication to providing tailored solutions for our clients, regardless of their unique challenges. Long may it continue!