A Sneak Peek Into The Future Of End User BI App Control

If we’ve been quiet recently, it’s because we’ve been busy behind the scenes developing new software that empowers end users and enhances the whole BI DevOps process. Today, we’re thrilled to give you an exclusive sneak peek into what we’re building.


You Get The Preview, Right Here

Up until now, the focus of application lifecycle management programs (not just ours but across the industry) has been on developers. That makes a lot of sense because they’re the people most closely linked to the management of the apps themselves. But working closely with our customers, we’ve seen firsthand how important the apps that developers work on are to their end users. So much so, in fact, that we realized this group wasn’t being served in the way they could be – so we got to work.


Now, right now we’re calling this solution “PlatformManager for Self Service Users”. We might come up with something more jazzy before it’s released, but either way, the functions it serves are exactly what our customers are looking for. In short, it’s a browser plugin that gives business users the ability to store and restore anything they create.


And the best part? If an app crashes for any reason, no longer will the hard work of our business users be lost. The sheets they’ve created are saved. The administrator can restore the app in production, and business users can seamlessly retrieve everything they’ve developed.


The Cherry On Top

This plugin is definitely focused on business users, but during the early demo testing of it, we discovered the potential it holds for developers as well.


In traditional Application Governance, once an application goes into production, it’s like sailing into a blue ocean – vast and often difficult to navigate. But with our new software, we’re changing the game by providing the developers responsible for apps with a better understanding of how the end users are actually using their applications. With it, developers can now answer questions like “Which apps are being used and which aren’t?” 


This leads to more effective resource management and more insightful development. It also fosters a collaborative environment among business users, setting the stage for better-informed decision-making and superior productivity.


In short, our new plugin PlatformManager for Self Service Users is a three-way win. It benefits the business, the developers, and the end users – empowering everyone involved in the BI app lifecycle.


We’re excited about this development, and we hope you are too. A few final tweaks are all that’s left before our anticipated Q4 release. We can’t wait for you to experience this transformative tool that truly encapsulates PlatformManager’s commitment to understanding and serving every user in the BI application lifecycle. Stay tuned for more updates as we near the release of this innovative addition to the PlatformManager suite.


Want to get a head start on your competition? We always like to test our new software in the field before it’s officially released, so if you’re interested, speak to PlatformManager today.