The work that system migrators or integrators take on when it comes to large-scale projects should not be underestimated. Between the platforms that need connecting, the data underpinning it all, the stakeholders throughout the integration, and the tools required to make it happen – it’s a massive undertaking. We want to shout about the work those system migrators integrators do and at the same time show them how PlatformManager can make part of their job that much easier.


Data, Data Everywhere

One of the biggest hurdles that system migrators and integrators face when it comes to taking on a project is all the data, and its connections, that they have to contend with. To get a bit more specific, let’s focus on the example of a Qlik migration, a subject we happen to know quite a lot about.


When you begin migrating your Qlik setup, the number one concern is going to be downtime. No business wants its BI teams to be without the apps and data they rely on to help make business decisions. For this reason, most businesses opt for a phased approach where apps go offline in batches and once migrated are brought back online.. This means that businesses aren’t flying blind during a migration and also don’t run the risk – if there is a big data loss – of losing access to everything all at once.


But for a phased approach to work, you need to have a very strong grasp on how each app in your suite interacts with data. There are going to be shared sources of course, but depending on what the apps you have actually do, they’ll often connect to a wide range of data sources in order to bring together a multidimensional view of a particular business metric. It’s never a case of just pointing everything in the right direction, it’s more like untangling a web and then having to put it back the way you first found it – basically impossible without traceability.


That’s where PlatformManager comes in. It shows you every data source connected to every app. That means you can plan migrations and integrations easily, ahead of time, to minimize downtime and keep BI teams online.


What we’ve seen over the past couple of years is that system integrators make PlatformManager a part of their SOPs for customer projects. That’s a big source of pride for us, but more importantly, it does a great job demonstrating just how powerful genuine traceability can be when it comes to in-depth system work. Our tool doesn’t just support BI teams and their devs, but also outside contractors working on broader technical projects within a business.


Whether you’re a migrator, integrator, or anything in between, if you’ve got anything to do with Qlik and you want a better handle on how apps and data are connected – you need PlatformManager.

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