Breaches in data warehouses and the theft of customer information is a serious concern for businesses in 2022. Compliance isn’t the most exciting thing, but it’s certainly critical, and making sure it’s covered keeps execs up at night.

It’s nice to be needed, and even nicer to be wanted. When it comes to compliance, PlatformManager is recommended by data security and compliance consultants because of how much coverage it gives development teams. Along with a host of other benefits that get BI developers excited, our solution is also a great support when it comes to keeping everything above board. Don’t believe us? Check this out.

Do You Have Everything Under Control?

Compliance, governance, and regulations are so important that business leaders, CEOs, and MDs, face jail time and unlimited fines if serious breaches are discovered. It’s no wonder they take it seriously. If an auditor knocked on your door today and asked you to demonstrate control, could you?

Auditors have strict rules to follow when they enter a business and carry out an investigation. But, what usually tips them off to things not being looked after properly is a lack of obvious control. You need to know where the information they need to see is stored, when it was put there, and by whom.

GDPR is the most obvious example of needing to genuinely have control to avoid fines, business disruption, and damage to your brand. But there are also industry-specific regulations like HIPAA in healthcare or the quality requirements of ISO 9001. Whatever regs your business is conscious of, you need to get on top of them.

What Questions Do You Need Help Answering?

The auditor is with you, and they want to know who accesses the production environment, who tested the most recent version of an app, and where it’s pulling data from. Do you have the answers?

With PlatformManager you’d have it in seconds. We provide traceability on workflows, segregation of duties, and item lifecycle reports, including timestamps for changes, implementations, and movements to production. Not just for any single app, but for everything that your development team has ever worked on. That sounds like demonstrating control, doesn’t it?

Sure, PlatformManager speeds up testing, as well as streamlines development and deployment, but if you need another benefit to get us over the line with your C-suite, then compliance is a great benefit, in fact, it’s the cherry on top.

PlatformManager is a mature deployment platform, which means as good as your processes might be, they’re very unlikely to give you the control, oversight, and traceability we can. After all, we’ve built PlatformManager for that very purpose. It simplifies development, testing, and deployment and gives you peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

We’re not often in the boardroom, but in this case, we really are – don’t miss out.

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