Migrating your data analytics from Qlik Sense to Qlik Cloud isn’t just a step forward, it’s a full-on leap toward greater efficiency and control – everything you want from a development perspective. With PlatformManager, this transition is easy. To start with, let’s show you just how great moving from Sense to Cloud can be, and it doesn’t have to be scary!

Take Your Time

For starters, no shift you make ever needs to be an on/off affair. We actually recommend against it – a phased approach all the way. It makes sense to start with your production environment, and then progressively move through acceptance, testing, and development phases. This methodical progression all but guarantees a smooth transition in the long term, because each step can be carefully monitored and managed, and crucially, learned from for the next phase. It’s all about iterating on a proven concept.

At the strategy stage of your migration, PlatformManager is the perfect fit. It offers a strategic approach to managing the migration of dashboards and applications, addressing the challenges of large-scale projects with ease. Your scale doesn’t have to be your undoing, not with the right tool at least.

Migrating to the cloud involves extensive testing and changes, that much is inevitable. PlatformManager’s version control solution is crucial here, making sure that every modification is tracked, managed, and totally traceable. It’s about maintaining quality and consistency throughout the migration process – so you always know where you’ve been and where you’ve gone.

For instance, PlatformManager can maintain bookmarks and BI stories in their original context during migration. That means end users are never impacted, which really is the thing you’re looking for above anything else. That’s a complex transition in terms of the behind-the-scenes tech, but for you – it just works.

The reason PlatformManager does such a good job supporting this type of migration is that it’s not a one-trick pony. Sense to Cloud migration is just one small part of what the overall platform is capable of. PlatformManager can weave its way throughout your whole Qlik setup. It’s built to support a variety of stakeholders like your devs, compliance team, and of course your BI end users.

Even the way that we offer to give you access is flexible. The PlatformManager temporary licensing option gives you the chance to test it in the field, without a huge financial commitment. Right now you might just want to shift a part of your Qlik setup from Sense to Cloud, we get that, you’ve got a job to do and a budget to get it done with. But once you see how well it works, and we promise you will, you’ll get to thinking “Where else could I use this?”. We’ve been a bit crafty in that respect, we know once you get a taste of PlatformManager you’ll want more!

And – hey – even if you don’t, because you can take out a temporary license you won’t ever be tied to any more than you want to use. You only pay for what you need.

Embracing Change: The Future Is Cloud-Based

With Qlik pushing towards cloud-based solutions and introducing new functionalities primarily on the cloud, migrating to Qlik Cloud will eventually become a necessity. If you choose to tap into all its benefits sooner rather than later, then it can be a strategic move with a lot of built-in value rather than a fait accompli down the line.

PlatformManager doesn’t just make that transition possible, it makes the most of it.

Thinking of migrating to Qlik Cloud? Don’t let the fear of migration get in your way, speak to PlatformManager today, and make the whole process more manageable.