BI Platform Management enables organizations to use the full power of their Business Intelligence Solution. Providing additional features and guiding users through the process of changing and publishing BI artifacts to Business Users is one of many goals that Platform Manager achieves. Enterprise Quality Management (EQM) systems have existed for centuries, managing change and reporting on quality and compliance issues. Platform Manager is the EQM solution for BI systems that works integrated with your BI Solution. While currently 3 solutions are supported it is our goal to add new BI platforms to our offering.

Some of the main benefits are:

  • Release Management to group dependent BI Applications and promote them as a single unit, preventing you from having untested combinations of your BI Applications in Production.
  • Streamline Development providing integrated versioning, visibility and insight in changes supporting Agile development and improving collaboration.
  • Collaborative Review capabilities like Impact and Difference analyses enables team members to review changes before publication.
  • Audit and Life cycle reports help auditors to meet compliance requirements as Role based security, support for directory authentication and various tracing options.

Visit our product pages and select the BI Solution of your choice for more in depth information.