PM 4.5.3 Possibility to run more than one job at the same time

Until version 4.5.3 PlatformManager executed all jobs (i.e., import, check-in, extraction, checkout, promote) sequentially. So, each job had to wait for another job to finish.

While most jobs are processed swiftly, the job queue can grow when many jobs are requested in a short amount of time or when large time-consuming jobs like import, check-in and data extraction are added.

The Job Queue mechanism is now optimized to run in parallel (whenever possible). This means that at the same time an extract job is running a check-in, import, checkout or promote can be done.

Also import, check-in and extraction of items that use another BI Service can run at the same time.

The maximum amount of parallel job can be configured to get the most out of your PlatformManager installation.

This feature is most powerful for customers with multiple BI solutions (i.e., QlikView & Qlik Sense) managed by PlatformManager. For example: extraction of a QlikView application does not hinder any Qlik Sense jobs in the queue. It can almost double the job load capacity of PlatformManager, depending on the mix of job types in the queue.

But even with one BI solution working with PlatformManager becomes so much smoother. You don’t have to wait for this huge big data app to be imported by a developer before your promote job is processed. It can all be done at the same time.