We noticed that many customers are reloading their Qlik Sense apps in Development and moving them to production with data. The single purpose for most customers is that they want to prevent Business Users from seeing an empty app while the reload is running and taking more than 30 minutes or so.

The disadvantages of this approach is that your production data needs to be available in Development and will stay in PlatformManager until the item is removed. That takes up a lot of disk space but is also inefficient since after some time the data is no longer relevant.

This is why PlatformManager offers a reload during promotion.

While we promote your app you can check the option to reload the app with the latest data using the data connections from the destination Qlik Sense server, mostly your production environment. We will only replace the current version after the reload has finished. So, your Business users will always have an app with data while you can still store the app without data or with a minimal test dataset.