We have completed Phase 2 of our Qlik Sense SaaS support roadmap!


Phase 1 was tested and released in 2021 and enables customers who work with Qlik Sense SaaS Hybrid to use PlatformManager. Synchronizing Qlik Sense SaaS tenants is fully executed by the Qlik Sense synchronization process. The downsize was that Customers did not have a single overview of all their Qlik servers.

Phase 2
Has now been completed!

PlatformManager can be used to manage an on-premise Development and Test environment combined with one or more Qlik Sense SaaS production tenants. The biggest advantage of this approach is that Customers have all Qlik Sense servers visible in the same PlatformManager implementation. They can version control all assets in Development and publish to test, acceptance and production in Qlik Sense SaaS or on-premise.

Support for Qlik Sense SaaS (hybrid) 3 phases

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So almost all configurations are now supported in PlatformManager.

The Benefit for you is that your QS SaaS tenants are also controlled by and visible in PlatformManager. Features that we will provide are:

  • Automated deployment to QS SaaS tenant of apps and Extensions with the option to change the owner of the app.
  • Automatically changing the Data connections used in the Qlik Sense app during the promotion to the QS SaaS tenant.
  • Move the app to the required destination space.
  • A reload can be started automatically after or during the promotion.

Phase 3
will support a fully operational DTAP implementation running in QS SaaS. This works with a single tenant and with multiple tenants. We expect to deliver full support of Qlik Sense SaaS at the beginning of Q2.

If you wish to check if your configuration is supported, please don’t hesitate to contact
us on info@PlatformManager.com