It’s been a seriously busy year, right? We’re still not sure where the time had gone, so we had a quick look back at the past twelve months and realized we’d accomplished rather a lot. Today, hopefully, to encourage you to review 2022 in your own life, we’re running through all the highlights, as well as the view ahead for PlatformManager in 2023.

It’s very cliche, but it really does feel like the start of 2022 was yesterday, when in reality, it’s been a very busy year at PlatformManager. We’ve accomplished so much in the past twelve months. We’re guessing because it was so busy it turned the whole year into a blur, so it’s nice to sit down and put all our achievements on paper.

“2023 will see us continue our efforts in developing our global partner community and investing in our customers and the Cloud solutions they need!”

Jeroen Gerritsen, Managing Director, PlatformManager

Month To Month

We kicked off the year 2022 with a visit in January to our partner Evaco in Duisburg for a sales kick-off event. For the second time in a row, our Global Partner Award 2022 has been won by EVACO due to their commitment to promoting and selling our product at every opportunity. They’ve onboarded many new customers, and they were the first partner beta-testing and selling our newly released NPrinting functionality this year. Great work guys!

Following the successful beta testing of NPrinting, in April we released it in full. Several customers have already started to be in full control of their NPrinting distribution platform. Support for NPrinting is what we have developed so that PlatformManager can integrate seamlessly and monitor the full use of your Qlik DevOps operation.

In May, we organized our first-ever Global Partner Update session to get in touch and inform our global partners about our roadmap, and we pushed that update out to three separate time zones around the world. The main focus was on the product roadmap of PlatformManager v5.0, including support for Nprinting, a new user interface, and our support for Qlik Cloud. On top of that, we also promoted our Free-Trial environment at AWS ready to be used by our Global Partners.

More recently in October, we were on the show stand for EVACO’s live annual customer event which was held at the science innovation lab Oktogon in Essen. That was a real treat. And, again, alongside exciting external work, we were able to bring on a dedicated tester to our test team, so that we have someone full-time supporting the speed of new product releases to keep up with our customer’s needs.

This year we brought on two new partners in the South Africa region: RIC Consulting and Insight Consulting. In addition we welcome INICS as a local partner in DACH region and even signed a  partnership with a truly massive global system integrator that we’re not allowed to name here – you’ll just have to trust us that it was a big deal. The same goes for client onboarding, and although we can’t name them, they’re big on delivering in the UK.

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